Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disney, Sanrio & Bandai Characters ~ Decor Tapes

Item #52
Condition: Brand New
Design Available: Miss Bunny / Winnie E' Pooh / Mickey Mouse & Friends / Marie Cat / Princess Ariel / Hellokitty & Doraemon
*Special kind of decor tapes that comes in varies design to choose from, e' material is water-proof & can be used as a multi~purposes tape, use it to decor bday cards, gifts, books, files & etc...never to be missed cause they're simply too adorable & cute! =P

Miss Bunny (1 instock) - SOLD!

Winnie E' Pooh & Friends - Design 1 (2 instocks) - ALL SOLD! / Design 2 (3 instocks) - 1pc SOLD, 2 instocks left! / Design 3 (1 instock) - SOLD OUT!

Mickey & Friends - Design 1 & 2 (1 instock ea) / Design 3 (2 instocks) - 1pc SOLD!, 1 instock left! / Design 4 (1 instock) - SOLD!

Marie Cat - Design 1 (2 instocks) - ALL SOLD! / Design 2 (1 instock) - SOLD!

Princess Ariel - (3 instocks)

Hellokitty - Design 1 (1 instock) / Design 2 (2 instocks)

Doraemon (1 instock)

Price: 70cents ea
Postage Fee: 30cents (*For purchase of only 1pc)
*Free normal postage for purchases of 2pcs & above tapes :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Disney Character Stationery Series ~ Six Tones Ball Point Pen

Item #51
Condition: Brand New
Design Available: Winnie E' Pooh & Minnie Mouse
*The pen comes in 6 different colour tones to choose from, sweet n lovely colours, u'll definitely love this pen, great for a small little gift too! :)
Pooh (2 instocks) - 1pc SOLD, 1 instock left!
Minnie (2 instocks) - ALL SOLD!
Price: S$5.00 ea
*Free normal postage

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mikoko Face Plush Cushion

Item #50
Condition: Brand New
Colour Available: Baby Blue
Qty: 1 instock
Price: S$25.00

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Usasa Rabbit aka Usamomo Sphere Now On...

*Picture above credited to ms alice :)

For all the bunnies lover out there just like me...i've got a great piece of news for u pples, currently i'm doing a pre-order for momo furry pencil case, can use it for your sunglasses as well, it's really cute and adorable, authentic and c/w tagging as shown above in the picture, currently capping at 5pcs only, limited stocks, and furthermore it's going at a very affordable & reasonable price @ only S$16 bucks ea, if the response is good, i'll consider bringing in more of usasa rabbit accessories :) hope u all can support support me ah...1st-time doing pre-order > . <"

Pre-order Required
Qty: Capping at 5pcs
Price: S$16.00 ea
*A really sweet & lovely gift for ur loved ones this coming xmas :) Hurry n' send in ur orders now! orders extended till 15 Nov' 08 =P
Payment Method: 50% upfront deposit is required, balance of 50% when the stock arrives
Pre-order Closing Date: From today till 5 Dec'08
ETA: [15 Dec'08]
Buyers who have sent in the order will be notified upon arrival of stocks w/o any delay :)
*If any buyer interested to get the pencil case, feel free to drop me an email =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disney Capsule Toy ~ Mini Diary Book Strap Series

Item #49
Condition: Brand New
Design Available: Winnie E' Pooh
Winnie E' Pooh (1 instock) - SOLD OUT!
Price: S$3.50 ea
*Free normal postage

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Capsule Toy ~ Jelly Belly Candy Dispenser

* this cute? a sudden idea that strike my *Snap it! :P

Item #48
Condition: Brand New
Qty: 1 instock
Price: S$3.00 ea
*Free normal postage
*Note: Willing to swap for the red colour round dispenser :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Disney Capsule Toy ~ Pea Pod Series

Item #47
Condition: Brand New
Design Available: Winnie E' Pooh, Minnie Mouse & Marie Cat
Winnie E' Pooh (1 instock) - SWAPPED Already!
Minnie Mouse (1 instock)
Marie Cat (1 instock) - SOLD!
Price: S$3.50 ea
*Free normal postage

Disney Capsule Toy ~ Stitch & Scrumpdoll Paperclip Cum Bookmark

*here's the physical pic of the clip clip...aint they lovely? have ya got urs already...hurry n get urs today, before they're all gone!

Item #46
Condition: Brand New
Design Available: No. 1, 3 & 4
No. 1 (1 instock) - SOLD!
No. 3 (3 instocks) - 1pc SOLD!, 1pc SWAPPED, 1 instock left
No. 4 (3 instocks) - 1pc SOLD!, 2 instocks left
Price: S$4.00 ea
SALES ON NOW: S$3.00 ea
No. 6 scrumpdoll (2 instocks) - ALL SOLD!
Price: S$5.00
SALES ON NOW: S$3.50 ea
*Free normal postage

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Limited Edition Mos Burger Hp Strap

Item #45
Condition: Brand New
Design Available: No. 5
Qty: 1 instock
Price: S$4.00
*Free normal postage