Thursday, February 12, 2009

Victorian Bushfire appeal

What a terribly sad week for all those who have been affected by the Bushfires here in Victoria. Such devastation and loss has never been seen before and I hope we will never have to see again. 
The response to the Bushfire appeal has been pretty amazing in these tough economic times, with almost $100 million raised this week - enabling people to rebuild their properties and communities once again. Today my boss Michele donated Hiccups bed linen and cushions to the Community Relief Centre at Diamond Creek, and received a lovely response of gratitude from one of the many volunteers working to restore some sense of normality to those who have lost so much.

'Wild Things' for the boys

'Lambert Lamb'

'Gypsy Ballet' for the girls.

For further information about the Bushfire appeal, visit the Australian Red Cross website.

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