Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Parisian palette

The first destination on my overseas trip was Paris, and as always was an inspirational feast of beautiful design, colour and gorgeous linen textiles. The French have a knack for making beautiful colour palettes that are just so....well, French! My favourite typically French colour palette is one of soft muted greys and dirtied-off purple colours (my brain is still jet-lagged so please excuse my mumbling prose). I saw this combination featured often in the children's clothing collections at Playtime Paris, as well as in the oh-so-chic lifestyle boutiques Merci and Bonton , and the exquisite children's clothing ranges of Bon Point .

A favourite French artist of mine, Nathalie Lete, had a small exhibition of paintings, ceramics and dolls at the Playtime Paris fair, all based on a 'Little Red Riding Hood' theme.

Visit Nathalie's website here:

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